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Staff Application (PDF)

Camp Allegheny Staff Application (Online)
Application for new & returning staff.

Tips for Filling out Your Application:

- Make sure your application is neat. You want to make a good impression so please try your best to be sure that your application is free from stains, spills, and tears.

- Be sure to use your best handwriting. If you are worried about your handwriting then be sure to use Microsoft Word or a typewriter to fill out your application.

- Be sure to answer the questions as well as you can. Give us as much detail as possible. Also be sure that all questions and areas are filled out.

- Fill out your application and mail/email it back to us as soon as possible. Camp Allegheny is a wonderful place that many people want to be a part of. To increase your chances of being hired, be sure to send in your application soon and do not wait till the last second.

Camp Allegheny and Retreat Center Salvation Army.  Roam our 110 acres of pristine woodlands, or take a relaxing canoe trip on Slippery Rock Creek. Whether you visit us on a sunny spring day or a star studded autumn night, the beauty of your surroundings will enchant you.