Camp Allegheny and Retreat CenterCamp Allegheny and Retreat Center

Want to gain experience working with underprivileged children?
Then you should take a look at Camp Allegheny.
Camp Allegheny offers low-cost camping opportunities to children living in Western Pennsylvania. Our goal is to give them an unforgettable week in a safe, Christian environment.
Working at Camp Allegheny will demand everything you’ve got — your time, your attention, your prayers. Our campers can be difficult. You will be stretched beyond your expectations physically, emotionally and spiritually. The bottom line, however, is that we serve children who desperately need to experience love and acceptance from adults, peers, and God. They need someone who will not give up on them.
Will it be you?

Check out our Mission Statement.

Camp Allegheny and Retreat Center Salvation Army.  Roam our 110 acres of pristine woodlands, or take a relaxing canoe trip on Slippery Rock Creek. Whether you visit us on a sunny spring day or a star studded autumn night, the beauty of your surroundings will enchant you.